Cathédrales des 100 lunes

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Cathédrales des 100 lunes
46 in
34 in
(117 cm x 86 cm)
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I have long been fascinated by the thousand-year-old cathedrals which surround us in France and the spirituality that radiates from these exceptional buildings. In the Middle Ages, cathedrals provided the only haven for those trying to hide, whether from the king, from armies, or from justice. Even criminals were given this right to haven as long as they stayed inside the premises. No one was allowed to catch them, even less to force them out. Nowadays, cathedrals are still a haven for those who want to pray or meditate. I imagined this cathedral during a serene and peaceful night, with the 100 moons giving light and life to it. I used mostly complementary blues and oranges to express the night atmosphere.
Cotton, dye
Hand dyed, screen printed, machine pieced and quilted