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12 in
12 in
(30 cm x 30 cm)
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Oak is a very characteristic tree and it has been worshipped and holy in Europe for centuries; oak leaves are still regarded as Badges of Honour.

When I grew up my family lived in a house built on a slope of oaks and oak has always been a worshipped tree for me. Where I live today these trees are infrequently seen and when I find an acorn I love to put it in a tiny vase to see it grow. My acorn is a voice from the past to the present, growing in a transparent vase with a backing symbolizing timber.
Pieced stripes of cotton, linen, silk. Machine stitched raw edge appliqu├ęs made from synthetic organza, home dyed silk and damask. Hand embroidery, machine quilted. Cotton batting, synthetic backing.