New Virtual Gallery on display - Structures!

Congratulations to the artists selected by juror Joshua R. Willis for the new SAQA Virtual Gallery - Structures.

"In this body of work, we examine a few universal rules in nature: growth & decay; biomimicry; the nature of our relationships and the way these subjects provide structure in our lives.  An artist’s job is often to process and assimilate these themes into a product, or a way forward.  Textiles, abstraction, structure and form have been altered by the time of COVID, and we must now share our results!"

- Joshua R. Willis

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Selected Artists:

Anat David Artman (Israel) - University in Timbuktu
Alison Charlton (Queensland, Australia) - Urban Sprawl
Marcia DeCamp (New York, USA) - Yellow Brick Road
Rachel B. Derstine (Pennsylvania, USA) - Drexel Building
Susan Else (California, USA) - Bone Structure
Bill and Barb  Gover (Wisconsin, USA) - Pirouette
Robin Green (Connecticut, USA) - Stripe Construction 3 (Stem)
Paula J. Gron (Texas, USA) - Carried By The Wind
Helene Hein (Germany) - For the love of trees
Leah Higgins (United Kingdom) - Ruins 8 Kilns
Karol Kusmaul (Florida, USA) - Alternatives
Judy Langille (New Jersey, USA) - Inside Out 2
Cindy Loos (Texas, USA) - About Melburniums
Valerie Maser-Flanagan (Massachusetts, USA) - Up the Rabbit Hole #4
Denise Oyama Miller (California, USA) - Sunshine and Shadows
Diane Nunez (Michigan, USA) - Strata
Frauke Palmer (Ohio, USA) - Headwaters
Valerie Rodelli (Illinois, USA) - Structure, Structure, Structure!
Shelley Ann Rothgeb (Arizona, USA) - Moss I
Juliana Scherzer (Nova Scotia, Canada) - Venous
Anke Schmitz (Germany) - Small Talk
Roxanne Schwartz (California, USA) - Alpenglow 2
Kate Stiassni (Connecticut, USA) - My Two TVs
Linda Strowbridge (Maryland, USA) - Marking Change on McBride's Hill
Dale Tomlinson (Ontario, Canada) - Angles of Time
Sabi Westoby (Middlesex, United Kingdom) - Southbank
Prue Wheal (South Australia, Australia) - Reconstruction
Hope Wilmarth (Texas, USA) - Debris
Paola Zanda (Switzerland) - Taxus Bark