Congratulations to the artists selected for Historic Detail

Congratulations to the 31 artists selected by curator Alanna Nelson for the SAQA Virtual Gallery Historic Detail. Now available for viewing, this exhibition showcases art inspired by architecture. Whether the timeline is 20 or 2,000 years, art can open eyes to historic details, sharing clues that bring new awareness to public spaces. 

Selected Artists:

Iina Alho (Norway) - Foreign Winds
Deborah Ann (Washington, USA) - View From the Turret
Bobbi Baugh (Florida, USA) - The Lord Giveth and  the Interstate Taketh Away
Anne Bellas (France) - #5, Hommage à ma grand-mère/ Homage to my Grandmother
Peggy Brown (Indiana, USA) - Passageway I
Karen Burns (Iowa, USA) - Unhinged
Ana Buzzalino (Alberta, Canada) - What Remains ...
JoAnn Camp (Georgia, USA) - Master Builder
Amy Wilson Cavaness (Texas, USA) - Balustrade
Sandra Champion (Tasmania, Australia) - Sea Wall #7
Anna Chupa (Pennsylvania, USA) - Haight Ashbury
Maryte Collard (Lithuania) - Hill of Crosses
Maggie Dillon (Florida, USA) - Makin' an Honest Living
Lana Dragon (West Virgina, USA) - Historic Texture
Laura Fogg (California, USA) - The Peeker of Sainte Foy
Ellen Isaacs (Pennsylvania, USA) - Giwa Rooftops
Ann Johnston (Oregon, USA) - The Contact: New Nails
Jean Renli Jurgenson (California, USA) - The Little House
Debra Kay (Arizona, USA) - El Pueblo
Patty Kennedy-Zafred (Pennsylvania, USA) - Steel Town:  Night Shift
Judy Langille (New Jersey, USA) - Facade 3
Regina Marzlin (Nova Scotia, Canada) - Ironworks - Völklinger Hütte
Caitlin Parker (California, USA) - Salton Sea
Denneen Peterson and Bill Meek (Arizona, USA) - Shared Heritage
Shelley Ann Rothgeb (Arizona, USA) - Erosion
Barbara J Schneider (Illinois, USA) - Marking Time
Jean Sredl (Wisconsin, USA) - Cornerstone
Linda Syverson Guild (Maryland, USA) - Time and Talents
Lilly Thorne (British Columbia, Canada) - Pompeii Remnants
Lisa Walton (New South Wales, Australia) - Faces of Gaudi
Sally Gould Wright (Alabama, USA) - Stairway to Heaven