My Natural World

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My Natural World

Judy Peterson

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Eugene, Oregon USA
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Nature's creation has always been a passion. Everywhere you turn you find something new...textures, colors, and shapes. So much excitement is created by just gazing upon the item, and it turns to joy when you reach out to touch it. The mind darts to...I could recreate that! This causes one to really observe the treasure very closely. How many textures go into one item? Smooth, rough, bumpy, soft, hard, curved, straight, and on and on it goes. Models that were used in this piece were wind blown items found in the lawn and garden. I encased them in medium to preserve them while brainstorming my plan of re-creation. I can do it!!
Cotton, hand-dyed fabrics, thread, acrylic paint, fiber paste, Timex, yarn
Free motion stitched, hand dyed, painted, re-creation of found natural objects, cord bound