Infrastructure #11

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Infrastructure #11

Jennifer Boes

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Grand Rapids, Michigan USA
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I’m fascinated by the simultaneously fragile and resilient nature of everyday systems, and continually marvel at their endurance. Life is beautifully supported by technology we rarely see: water mains, storm drains, sewer lines, gas lines, electricity. We live, unaware, for decades and even centuries until a crack in the network appears: a hurricane, flooding, toxic algae, poor choices. My work captures these overlooked ecosystems—their longevity, erosion, and remediation.

Hand dyed and printed fabrics suggest deep time scales, interwoven infrastructures, and rich entwinement. Second and third printings add layers of visual complexity that mimic the intricate processes and systemic interactions at work. Collaging fabrics while adding line and texture with hand and machine sewing, I create pieces that continue to interact with their environment: drifting threads, curling raw edges, and shifting shadows.
Cotton, fiber reactive dye
Dyed, printed, mono printed