Dreaming of Home

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Dreaming of Home

Shannon Maisel

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Leipzig, Germany
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Dreaming of Home brings respite in the midst of the pandemic. With borders closed and a deep sense of unknown, the world has grown from small and connected to extremely large. Travel plans, homecomings, and visitors are all on hold. I chose to use colors that feel calm and create a warm environment in which the house sits. The house, childlike in its simplicity, sits peacefully in the hills. Underneath, a large flowering weed balances the composition. In my work, weeds symbolize strength. This year we have all needed collective strength to get through the pandemic. Dreaming of Home is a visual place to rest and imagine and feel at peace. It is a visual homecoming of a place so many of us are dreaming and longing for; home.
Fabric, canvas, ink, graphite
Collaged, sewn, painted, drawn