In Box CDI (Roman Numeral for 401)

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In Box CDI (Roman Numeral for 401)

Susan Lenz

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Columbia, South Carolina USA
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As a fiber and installation artist, Susan Lenz uses layers of polyester stretch velvet, metallic foiling, and recycled acrylic packaging felt to reflect her passion for historic buildings, especially historic stained glass windows and the colors and eco-friendly ideals of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, a 20th c. Austrian artist and architect. The work is the result of hand-guided, free-motion machine embroidery and unusual melting techniques. Susan’s tools include three sizes of soldering irons and an industrial heat gun. This is a unique process that Susan developed herself over a decade ago. Each piece builds on the last in an exploration of design motifs and stitched symbols.
Polyester stretch velvet, metallic foil, recycled acrylic packaging felt, strips of chiffon scarves, thread
Fused, free motion stitched, melted