Special Interest Group Proposal Form

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at sigs@saqa.com.

SAQA’s Education Committee offers Special Interest Groups (SIGs) as an exciting format for SAQA members to meet and connect in live, interactive groups focused around a particular theme. Hosted on Zoom Meeting and/or Facebook groups, SIGs provide an opportunity for members to gather virtually to explore topics, discuss books, follow their artists’ journey, informally share their art and experiences, and countless other possible themes. 

SAQA is always looking for SIGs to reach out to new audiences. If you are interested in starting a new group, please complete the proposal form below. All proposals will then be reviewed by the Education Committee.

SIGs come in 3 forms:

  1. Drop-in groups will be open to all SAQA members to “drop-in”, on an ongoing basis, at their convenience – think, a general “Stitch and Chat”, or a specific theme like, “Long-arm Quilters”.
  2. Formal groups will be open to all SAQA members to join, but closed to new members once the group has started – think, book-study group, or other sequential topics.
  3. Focused groups will be open to those of our SAQA members that identify with specific criteria – think, “Teachers” or “Authors”

Key Guidelines

  • Joining a SIG will never cost anything to current SAQA members. However, depending on the group, there may be some cost associated with the group – such as a book for discussion or other materials.
  • SIGs must be open to all SAQA members and hosted on SAQA's Facebook and Zoom accounts.
  • SAQA's community guidelines will apply to SIGs
  • Topics should be related to artistic or professional development and support SAQA's mission to promote the art quilt
  • Recording the meetings is at the discretion of the SIG organizer. For privacy reasons, these recordings are only available on demand and not posted on the SAQA website.

Note that SIGs are completely run by volunteers so you will need to find some people to help run the Zoom meetings and Facebook Groups (if applicable). If your SIG is accepted, you will be provided with training materials and other resources but a basic familiarity with Zoom and Facebook is required.