Resources on Elevating your Art Career

SAQA Seminar (Article)

Continuing education and exploration are also key to your professional art practice. Classes and workshops, critique and discussion groups, art and museum outings all support your development. SAQA has many opportunities and resources (the mentorship and the Juried Artist Member programs, for example) available to you as part of your membership.

Resources and other inspiring links


SAQA's Mentorship Program offers a goal or project-based program of peer mentoring, available for FREE to SAQA members seeking one-on-one mentorship for a period lasting up to twelve months.

In this video conversation, SAQA's Juried Artist Member Reps., Dorothy Raymond and Deb Cashatt, talk with Dolores Miller about SAQA’s Juried Artist Membership Program. They discuss some of the reasons members go through the jurying process, and dispell some JAM myths.


Grants, Fellowships, Residencies, Awards

"Fund Your Dream Navigate the World of Art Grants, Fellowships, Residencies, Awards" by Jennie Johnston is an article about various fund sources that are available to artists. Includes ideas and a list of resources. SAQA Journal Vol 27, No 3, p14 (2017).

Workshops and Classes

Art Quilt Tahoe, Zephyr Point Conference Center, Zephyr Cove, NV - Art Quilt Tahoe is an established educational conference that offers four to six-day workshops in late Fall to study and learn from renowned art quilt and surface design artists.

Empty Spools Seminars, Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, California - More than 40 professional instructors conduct a variety of workshops encompassing the quilting arts.

Quilting by the Lake Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, New York - Quilting by the Lake has grown into a two-week, internationally recognized quilting event attracting over 200 participants from around the country and overseas.

Alegre Retreat Gateway Canyons, Colorado - Alegre Retreat is a conference for devotees of the fabric arts, providing an escape from everyday life for art quilters to come together to learn and share their expertise.

Hudson River Valley Workshops, Greenville, New York - Hudson River Valley Art Workshops (HRVAW) welcomes painters and instructors from around the world for summer art workshops and retreats. In 2005, they introduced art quilt and fiber art workshops to the region as well.

Madeline Island School of the Arts La Pointe, Wisconsin - Madeline Island School of the Arts (MISA) is ranked among the top five art and craft schools in the country. MISA’s workshop environment is recognized for its world-renowned instructors in writing, painting, quilting, and photography.

Pro Chemical & Dye Fall River, Massachusetts - Visiting Artists workshops March-October.

DIY Textile School, Amsterdam, Netherlands - DIY Textile School provides training and courses in textile art, intended for people who want to develop their creative talents. Their courses are taught in both Dutch and English.

Art Studies

"The DIY MFA: How I Got an Arts Education Without Massive Debt" by Amy Stewart is a creative approach to gaining an art education at your own pace and with your own plan.

Online Studies

Coursera - Learn from leading universities and companies…start streaming on-demand lectures today from top instructors.

Khan Academy - For every student, every classroom. Real results. They’re a nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Art Business

Art Biz Success, Alyson Stanfield - Consultants for artists and a blog that covers the business from several angles. 

International Association of Creative Arts Professionals, Morna McEverr Golletz - Consultant for art/craft professionals.  Offers a boot camp course that is very helpful in looking at the different aspects of running a business.

(Textile) Art Groups

Setting up a Textile Art Group”, Barbara Cotterell shares thoughtful considerations when starting your own art group in an interview with

Top Tips for Applying to Textile Art Groups”, Anita Bruce wrote about things to consider when joining an existing art group on