SAQA Seminar 2016 - Stitching

Member Program

The first SAQA Seminar launched in 2016 with Stitching as the primary topic. Each of the five units offered Informative Articles as well as Video Conversations, Pinterest Boards, weekly Stitch Chats, and Member Challenges.

The Education Committee wanted to create a project that delivered information to members in new ways. We wanted to reach members who are new to art quilting as well as experienced members. We wanted to provide members with opportunities to share their expertise, ask questions, have conversations, and meet new people. 

Due to a change in platform, much of the content is no longer available. Scroll down to view the Video Conversations.

Unit 1: Materials, Tools and Techniques 
Nitty-gritty articles about needles, threads and other basics. Curated Pinterest boards with stitch motifs, tools and links to tutorials.

Unit 2: Advanced Study  
Galleries of art where the stitched line is the focus. Discussions about how artists make stitch relevant in art. Video conversations with SAQA members who take stitching to the next level!

Unit 3: History and Culture 
Excellent list of books related to the history of stitch. Articles about how SAQA members are influenced by travel, history, culture and study. Pinterest boards with inspiring images of stitch from Mexico, Tibet, Greece and more.

Unit 4: Art and Artists 
Articles about innovative ways artists are incorporating stitch in their work. Learn news ways technology is used with stitching and fiber. Links to examples of stitching in popular culture — album covers, YouTube videos, picture books and more.

Featured Content
SAQA Seminar (Video Conversation)
Deborah Boschert finds out more about the materials, tools, and techniques that artist Natalya Aikens uses in her hand-stitched creations that are architecturally inspired, thoughtfully repurposed, and delicately stitched.
SAQA Seminar (Video Conversation)
Sarah Ann Smith is a wealth of knowledge about machine stitching and thread. She shares great visual aids including a giant sewing machine needle and explains the mysteries of how thread is wound onto spools and so much more!
SAQA Seminar (Video Conversation)
Watch and find out how Chawne Kimber takes inspiration from her family history to create stitched self-portraits. She also shares quilts she created as a reaction to issues about race and culture in the United States.
SAQA Seminar (Video Conversation)
Valerie Hearder is a textile artist, quilting teacher, and author of quilting books. In this video, she shares a variety of original artwork from artisans in South Africa. These artists use a variety of stitching techniques to create their narrative artwork.
SAQA Seminar (Video Conversation)

Formerly a painter, Sharon McCartney is full time artist who now works with mixed media to create her layered textile constructions. Sharon incorporates hand-stitching, found objects, and printed fabrics in her pieces.

SAQA Seminar (Video Conversation)
Sheri Brautigam provides an overview of the history and culture of Mexican textiles, specifically in the Oaxaca region. This video has beautiful examples of hand-stitching and other needlework used on traditional clothing and original art.
SAQA Seminar (Video Conversation)
Sue Stone shares examples of her hand-embroidered work that often feature fish. Sue is also known for her portraits and often includes extensive textural stitching.