Manage Your Membership

Need to renew your membership or update your contact details? You will need to login to your mySAQA membership portal to complete these functions or use one of the Account Options links below.

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Membership Renewals

You will receive email reminders when it's time to renew your SAQA membership (expiration date is based on when your term started).

Log in to and select View/Renew Memberships under Account Options. Click on the link to Renew Now and proceed with the transaction.

  • Need more help? Contact us at
  • Prefer to mail your membership application? Download print version
  • If your membership has expired, you may see JOIN NOW instead of RENEW. This is normal.
  • If you cannot log in or experience other difficulties, you can use our online payment form to process your renewal or new membership
mySAQA Profile Details

Your mySAQA profile is where you can update your contact information (name, address, etc.) as well as upload a profile picture for your account (subject to approval). This picture will display in the Member Directory (only available for other SAQA members).


Region / Region 2
Depending on your location, you are assigned to a particular region (or you selected a region when joining). You can change this if needed. You can also select a second region if you want to receive communications from that region as well. You are also eligible to enter regional exhibitions for that region as well.

While each region is different, some of the opportunities available include regional exhibitions, trunk shows, educational workshops, monthly meetings, and more. Regional activity is highly dependent on volunteer participation, from the Regional Reps to individual members helping out on committees or at events.


Journal Delivery
The SAQA Journal is published four times a year and sent to all current members via mail. If you prefer NOT to receive the Journal in the mail, you can opt to have an email sent to you when the digital version is available.

If you are NOT receiving printed copies of the Journal, check to make sure you haven't selected "Send by Email only". Do check that your address is correct - magazines aren't always forwarded by the postal service.

Back issues of SAQA Journal are available online.


Art Quilt Quarterly - Last Issue #
If you are a subscriber to Art Quilt Quarterly, this field will display your last issue number. Note that AQQ is a separate publication from the SAQA Journal (which is part of your membership benefits). You need to subscribe to Art Quilt Quarterly to receive it. SAQA members do receive $5 off a yearly subscription.


Email Subscriptions
Here you can opt to receive different email communications. Each email from SAQA includes an Unsubscribe Link at the bottom. If you select this option, you will be unsubscribed from ALL SAQA EMAILS (except for system emails), not just the current subscription.

SAQA Weekly Member News (formerly eBlast)
Each Wednesday, SAQA sends out emails with just 3-5 news items. These emails bring you late-breaking news, new opportunities and offers, and important reminders about upcoming deadlines. Only current members will receive this email.
View Member News Archives


Fiber Art Friday
Subscribers receive a weekly newsletter via email that features exhibits and other news in the art quilt world. You do not have to be a SAQA member to receive this email.
View Fiber Art Friday Archives


Regional News
Regional Representatives will send out emails to members in their region (which includes members who have selected this region as their secondary region as well). The frequency of these email varies widely by region. Some reps prefer to use blogs, yahoo groups, or facebook to update their region. Please contact your regional rep to find out more. 



If you are not receiving emails from SAQA (you should receive at least one a week), check the following:

  • Did our emails go to your spam folder? This is the #1 reason why you aren't receiving our emails.
  • Is the email we have on file correct? Manage your Account »
  • Are you still a current SAQA member? Lapsed members will not receive SAQA emails (except for Fiber Art Friday)
  • Some e-mail servers may automatically block group e-mails and/or messages from the SAQA domain.  Please include in your list of approved contacts, trusted domains or whitelist (refer to your email program or website host for more details).

Each email from SAQA includes an Unsubscribe Link at the bottom. If you select this option, you will be unsubscribed from ALL SAQA EMAILS (except for system emails), not just the current subscription.

If three or more bounce-backs are received from your email address, the system will automatically remove you from our distribution list. 

If you are no longer interested in receiving our emails, please let us know or use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email. Marking our emails as SPAM in your email makes it much more difficult for other members to receive them. We appreciate your cooperation.

Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my member login for mySAQA. Can you send it to me?

For login assistance, click here to receive an email with further instructions. You will need to know the email associated with your SAQA account. You will also see links to "Recover Password" or "I Forgot my Login" on any mySAQA login prompt.

Please check your spam or promotion folders for the recovery email - these usually get sent within a few minutes. If you no longer have access to the email address we have on file, just let us know. We can update it for you.

If you require additional assistance, email

What is my membership renewal date?

This information, along with other details about your account, is available through the mySAQA membership portal. After logging in, select View/Renew Membership from the list of available options. Here you will see a history of your memberships as well as a link to renew your membership.

I am changing my email and/or mailing address. How do I update this?

Changes to your email or mailing address can be made by logging in to your mySAQA account and selecting the option to Update Contact Information. It is important to keep your email address current, because so much information is sent via email.

For mailing address changes, you can also complete a Change of Address form included with your mailed SAQA Journal

You can also contact us at to make this change for you.