Lightning Talks - part 1 (2021 Virtual Conference)

Educational Video

Four presenters shared their creative process in a fast paced Lightning Talk presentation. Each speaker creates a presentation of 20 slides and speaks about each slide for 20 seconds.

Linden Lancaster (Victoria, Australia) - Where Vision and Surface Design Meet
Many of us like to try out different des.ign techniques but are not sure how to use all those lovely fabrics we make. Linden Lancaster will show you how she has used such processes, through research and experimentation, to enhance her creative vision in many of her pieces. Some of these techniques include mono-printing, de-constructed screen printing, gel-printing, dry media, resists, discharge, ice-dying and more. Linden hopes you will be inspired and come away bursting with ideas for your own work.
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Julie Brown Neu (Massachusetts, USA) Meeting the Muse: Having the Courage to Make the Art in My Soul
Julie Brown Neu has always designed her own quilts and she THOUGHT she knew my artistic voice. But in 2016, Julie met the Muse and it broke her open. Julie's muse handed her the project that led to her first solo gallery shows and that opened Julie to create not just unique work, but art from her soul.
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Alison Schwabe (Montevideo, Uruguay) - A Journey Through Landscape
Since marriage to a geologist over 50 years ago Alison Schwabe has lived in several landscapes in different climate zones and travelled in many others. In the 1970s her earliest textile art celebrated colour and texture then her focus gradually shifted to the shapes of landforms resulting from the action of natural forces on the earth’s surface. Landscape evolution has become a metaphor for Life itself in which change is a constant, and the dominant theme in her art.
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Linda Steele (Victoria. Australia) - Working in a Series: How one thing leads to another
Working in a Series came naturally to Linda Steele. As she was working on a piece another idea would present itself; she couldn’t help but explore that option as well. Linda really enjoys the process of exploring a subject and finding out more information. It is always amazing how one idea can lead to another and how her work can veer in directions she never would have envisaged in the beginning.
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