Lightning Talks - part 2 (2021 Virtual Conference)

Educational Video

Each speaker creates a presentation of 20 slides and speaks about each slide for 20 seconds.

Bobbi Baugh (Florida, USA) - What Poetry Can Teach Visual Artists
Reading poetry can open doors to inspiration and to digging deeper. Bobbi Baugh has developed the habit of rising early and beginning the day with poetry: a gift she gives to herself and her artmaking. Poetry leads Bobbi to put together ideas in new ways; poetry stirs memories – the heart of her storytelling quilts. Bobbi's involvement in the recent project of the Florida region, Fresh Fish, an artful book with textile art and poetry side-by-side, reminded her that differing art forms can enhance and complement one another. Take a moment… listen… let’s read some words together… let’s invite poetic words to find their way into our artwork.

Beth Blankenship (Alaska, USA) - Connecting Threads
Beth Blankenship uses thread as a metaphor for the concept that one thing standing alone is fragile but many things holding together are strong. She’ll present images from, Connecting Threads, a series of vessels that tell stories focused on the interdependence of life in Alaska’s marine environment and how human activity has altered those connections.

Susan Callahan (Maryland, USA) - Kitchen Stores Life in the Commercial Kitchen
Susan Callahan is creating a series quilts that center on her life as a chef. Susan loves the kitchen and how it influences her work as an artist. This series displays the beauty of a stainless steel world. It is about the stress and charm of the preparing tons of food weekly. What many perceive as a glamorous profession is one of high heat and sharp objects, sweating and back strain. It also the joy of family and team work.

Irene Anna Koroluk (Tasmania, Australia) - The Accidental Artist
Irene Koroluk is an emerging textile artist from Tasmania, Australia with an accidental and unusual art journey. Irene will describe her influences, the role severe weather, luck, and generous people have had in her success, and her current and future goals and aims.