SAQA Journal 2022 Vol. 32 No. 3

SAQA Journal 2022 Vol. 32 No. 3

Want to be more creative and make more work? The SAQA Journal tells you how! In our third issue of 2022, featured artist Sharon Peoples and contributor Margaret Abramshe share how daily journaling and sketching combine to generate greater artistic output. Abramshe even developed an eight-step plan to make her studio a creative haven. Clara Nartey began a new collection of work, The Black Crown Series, after a chance encounter. She writes about her journey to develop these colorful works and how it has had an impact on her.

Sandra Sider provides a wealth of information on cyanotype, a technique she has used for decades to create dramatic work. Susan Lenz walks you through how she worked with an art consultancy to create projects for a new hotel in her hometown of Columbia, South Carolina.

And, with more than a nod to the future, our Inspired column covers Mac Barnes, a teenager from Charlotte, North Carolina, who created a portfolio of art quilts entitled A Walk in Their Shoes. He won a $10,000 scholarship in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition, presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Plus, take in our galleries and a feature story on the Orient Express, a traveling exhibition from SAQA Europe & Middle East.

Cover Art 2022 Benefit Auction - Dogwood (Frances Murphy)

Editor's Notes - Write, sketch, and wait—the ideas will flow (Diane Howell)
Thoughts from the president - 2022 Benefit Auction showcases fiber art (Mel Beach)
Member Gallery: Nine Lives
Featured Artist - Sharon Peoples (Cindy Grisdela)
SAQA Global Exhibition - Primal Forces Earth
Art Talk Column - Art consultancy offers opportunity (Susan Lenz)
Feature Article - Crowning Achievement: How a series about Black hair was born (Clara Nartey)
Feature Article - The Art Cycle: Eight steps to create and maintain creative energy flow (Margaret Abramshe)
Juried Artist Showcase
Feature Article - All Aboard! The Orient Express takes viewers on a grand tour (Elizabeth Byrom and Annegret Fauser)
Feature Article - Benefit Auction: Quilt donors support SAQA with joy-filled effort (Diane Howell)
Feature Article - Out of the blue: Capture dynamic sun prints with cyanotype (Sandra Sider)
Inspired column - Inspired by a stories: Mac Barnes (N.K. Quan)

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