SAQA Journal 2020 Vol. 30 No. 4

SAQA Journal 2020 Vol. 30 No. 4

This issue contains many timely articles to help sharpen your business acumen. Want to Zoom like a pro? Clara Nartey gives tips to create top-notch Zoom presentations. Want to know a fundamental selling practice? Dorothy Raymond explains how paying a sales commission benefits you by supporting your exhibition partners. Allison Reker helps you ship like a pro with tips on everything from selecting a box to a shipping partner.

On the artistic side, ZJ Humbach delves into the production and uses of various threads, and  editor Diane Howell looks at the archival and intrinsic qualities of different batts. Plus, explore the world of Featured Artist Willy Doreleijers and take in the work of Elizabeth Michellod-Dutheil, this issue's Inspired artist. Get an update from SAQA President Deborah Boschert on the SAQA Member Survey. And, absorb Susan Lenz's Art Talk reflection on perseverance--you'll never look at rejection the same way again. Enjoy the read! 


Cover Art - Industrial Revolution (Willy Doreleijers)

Thoughts from the president - Find strong connections at SAQA regional events (Deborah Boschert)
Member Gallery - Tech Savvy
Technology - Zoom like a pro: How to ace online presentations (Clara Nartey)
Sell like a pro: Commissions key part of marketing process (Dorothy Raymond)
SAQA Exhibition - Opposites Attract
SAQA News - All Member Survey (Deborah Boschert)
SAQA News - Paula Kovarik named SAQA Award winner  
Juried Artist Showcase
Featured Artist - Willy Doreleijers: Lined up for success  (Cindy Grisdela)
Artistic Advice - Stitch like a pro: Let thread variety add texture, drama to your next work (ZJ Humbach)
Art Talk - Perseverance conquers rejection, yields success (Susan Lenz)
Ship like a pro: Attention to detail ensures efficient, safe shipping (Allison Reker)
Artistic Advice - Which quilt batting will stand the test of time? (Diane Howell)
Artistic Advice - SAQA members’ favorite batting choices include wool, polyester (Diane Howell)
Inspired Column - Inspired by Mother Nature (N.K. Quan)

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