Exploring Art Quilts with SAQA (Volume 1)

Exploring Art Quilts with SAQA (Volume 1)

New Directions

This high-powered mix for all who make and appreciate contemporary art quilting begins the creativity-inspiring series Exploring Art Quilts with SAQA. Its book-and-journal-blend format with 350 photos reveals today's latest work and designs and also serves as a long-term creative reference. Be inspired by interviews, gorgeous art quilt photos, and current creations by members of SAQA.

Meet 16 artists living around the world, including stories on their beginnings as art quilters. Peer at every detail in photos showing the range of content being produced today. A series of articles examine art being made in various locales; France, Japan, and the United Kingdom are included in this volume. Finally, learn from the work of SAQA’s Juried Artist members in 10 themed image galleries highlighting the range and complexity of their art.

Note: This publication includes some content previously published in Art Quilt Quarterly.

Exploring Art Quilts Volume 2: Around the World will be available in late 2021.

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