Special Interest Group: 70 days of creativity

Online Event

The 100 days project, or its shorter versions (20 to 20, 7x7 or Jump into June) is a private Facebook group for SAQA members who want to share their creative projects every day.  

The next session will start June 23rd and end the last day of August. That will give us 70 days to practice our art next season.

  • Choose a focus and create “blocks” resulting in a finished project, or experiment with concepts or techniques. Or both. It’s your choice.
  • Choose a size, or don’t. There are no size requirements.
  • Stick to the same technique or try something new. There is no restriction on the medium used.
  • Share your art on the group Facebook page. You can receive friendly feedback and make new friends.
  • Comment on other members’ art. It will make them happy.
  • Post a photo every day. It’s okay if you miss days, but we will be happy when you return.


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Nancy Belsky
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