Rescue: Waste and Redemption


Rescue: Waste and Redemption exhibition is guest curated by Lizzie Zucker Saltz. This group exhibit was a call for submissions in which Saltz selected 22 artists from 90 submissions. Artists included consider the transformation of industrial byproducts into artworks or craft objects thus creating artworks that save materials from the landfill or rescue raw materials from the fate of becoming environmental pollutants.

“I love the idea of redemption through transformation, and how the artists in RESCUE embody that kind of material alchemy.” – Lizzie Zucker Saltz, Curator.

Artists selected are: Paul Blake, Lisa Freeman, Heather Bird Harris, Susan Lenz, Adah Bennion, Casey McGuire, Larry Millard, Zachary Naylor, Johanna Norry, Emily Peters, Pilar, Paula Reynaldi, Nell Ruby, Lisa Schnelinger, Lenore Solmo, Kelly Thompson, Gregor Turk, Jon Vogt, Michael Webster, Matthew White, Kelsey Wishik and Joni Younkins.

Guest Curator Saltz believes that “Rescue’s twenty-four artists’ will heighten audiences’ awareness of these core environmental issues.”

Reception: April 9 from 6 - 8pm

Susan Lenz - Mandala CLX: COVID-19 Rapid Tests
Susan Lenz - Mandala CLX: COVID-19 Rapid Tests

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Athens, Georgia
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Lyndon House Art Center
211 Hoyt Streeet
Athens Georgia 30601
United States