Pieces of the Landscape: Regina Jestrow


This series of art quilts by Regina Jestrow combine found, new, and hand-made materials with geometric repeating patterns connected to tradition and storytelling. Salvaged discarded materials such as denim jeans, neoprene skirts, and sparkly dresses are cut into geometric shapes that utilize the clothing’s nature. The textiles that hold on top specific histories and memories are reimagined when combined with newer manipulated materials. Through burning, staining, painting, and hand-dying processes, a personal story is built into these works. The structures and patterning of these art quilts rebuild the fragmentation of material allowing the textiles to mix and create new narratives.

Regina Jestrow - Pieced Landscape 7 (Annatto 4)

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Miami Beach, Florida
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Mount Sinai Medical Center Skolnick Surgical Tower
4300 Alton Rd
Miami Beach FL 33140
United States