Orient Express (SAQA Regional)

SAQA (Regional)
Call for Entry
Call for Entry Deadline

December 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021 (subject to extension)
Call for Entry deadline: open-ended

Theme: The purpose of the project is to bring together the richness, history, memory and culture of Europe and the Middle East, to tell what we care about, what is important to us, and to share it through this vision

The Orient Express was a luxury train line that ran originally between Paris and Istanbul. More cities and branches were later included. In this project the train will start in London and incorporate any other European and Middle Eastern cities where our members live or like to be.

Eligibility: - Members of SAQA Europe and Middle East region - SAQA members who have chosen Europe as their second region

Not Juried
No fee required for participation

Curators: Lena Meszaros, Birgit Schüller (Regional Rep), Alicia Merrett

If any questions, please contact Birgit Schüller (SAQA Europe & Middle East Rep) – birgit.schueller@creativebits.biz


The task for participating artists is to create an individual panel (portrait format, 25 cm wide and 80 cm high) depicting their individual inspiration related to the Orient Express in the widest possible way. This can be a city, landscape, country, movie scene, literary connection, cultural feature, decorative item of the time, etc.

A PDF of the project presentation by Lena Meszaros, who devised the project, will be sent to participants.

The individual panels will consist of three portions:

  • The 10 cm at the bottom will be used for a unifying feature – train carriage image or the like. A drawing of a wagon can be provided.

  • The top 20 cm will be devoted to the sky – blue, grey, sunset, night, falling snow, etc. – to unify the top sections.

  • The 50 cm in the middle will be every artist's dedicated canvas.

  • In order to keep the open feeling of the individual panels, please use a facing, not a visible binding.

  • With exhibiting as a future possibility, the panels need to be rollable (i.e. not framed or stretched on canvas, and not having delicate finishes). This way, the individual pieces will be very portable (even in a suitcase).

  • The panels should have a sleeve at the top and a second sleeve at the bottom, and a label with the artist’s name, title of the piece, and email address or phone number, stitched on the lower right hand corner of the back.

    Preliminary schedule:

  • 1st December, 2020 – official project start date.

  • There is no closing date. The project can be joined at any time.

  • There is no entry form. Join the project via the SAQA Europe & ME Facebook group, or by email to the Europe & ME Regional Rep, Birgit Schüller – birgit.schueller@creativebits.biz

  • 15th January, 2021 – members who have joined the project by then should have decided on their subject and possibly the sky colour.

  • It will be possible to share the work-in-progress status of individual panels during ALL following regional Zoom meetings. This is an option and not mandatory.

  • 30th June, 2021 – tentative end date for the project (can be changed if needed.)


The finished panels will be submitted by uploading them to a dedicated Facebook page, or emailed to Birgit Schüller – birgit.schueller@creativebits.biz

Participants will be asked to supply the following information:

Artist’s First and Last Name
A high resolution image of the panel, and one of a detail.


Save your digital images as a high quality JPEG file (No TIFF files).
The finished image should be between 2500 and 4200 pixels on the longest side (approximately 3 to 5 Mb).

Label each digital image with your name and title. Add “Detail” to the title of the relevant image. (For example: AliciaMerrett-London Architecture.jpeg – and: AliciaMerrett-London Architecture-Detail.jpeg.)

You should also provide the following information:

Artist Statement (50 words or less – about the artist)
Title of the panel
Description/Statement about the panel (100 – 150 words) Size: width by height in centimetres (25cm by 80cm, +/- 1cm) Materials: (25 words or less)

Techniques: (25 words or less)

The artist must confirm, to the best of his/her knowledge, that the artwork entered does not violate any copyright laws.

You will be asked to agree with these SAQA Terms and Conditions

I agree to loan my artwork to Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc. The artworks will be exhibited online in the first instance. I understand that the costs of insuring and shipping my artwork to any likely future venues will be my responsibility. I agree to permit use of my images and all or part of my artist statement in any publicity for this exhibition, and in a catalogue if one is compiled.

(Copyright of the actual quilt is retained by the artist)

Any questions, please contact Birgit Schüller, SAQA Europe & Middle East Rep – birgit.schueller@creativebits.biz


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