Once and Again: Alterations by Susan Lenz


Once and Again: Alterations by Susan Lenz is an exhibit of vintage textiles and objects altered by the artist for contemporary expression. Included will be Sue's Environmental To Do List, a collection of twenty Sun Bonnet Sue quilt blocks with hand embroidered calls-for-action, and The Clothesline, an installation of textiles onto which found fabric hand prints are stitched. This installation promotes energy conservation and other common sense reasons to line-dry textiles. Other work include found object mandalas stitched to art quilts and altered, vintage cross stitches.

Sue's Environmental To Do List

Susan Lenz - Sue's Environmental To Do List

More Details

Charlotte, North Carolina
Venue Info

Overcash Gallery at Central Piedmont College
1202 Elizabeth St. 
Charlotte, NC 28204
United States

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