Living | language | Land: Word portraits from the Earth


‘Living | language | Land: Word portraits from the Earth’ a solo exhibition by textile artist Lorraine Roy is a collection of textiles inspired by 26 specially chosen words from endangered and minority languages from all over the world. These beautiful, poetic words, many of which have no direct translation to English, reveal complex and elemental connections to land and nature. Visual interpretations, or ‘word portraits’, seemed like a perfect way to make the words more accessible, and to light up curiosity about their meanings and the cultures from which they spring. This project brings together subjects Lorraine is passionate about: how we express words and language, the connection of culture and spirituality, and our relationship with nature.

"With these pieces, I re-interpret each of the words into fabric pictures based on the information provided and my emotional response. My purpose is to offer a fresh lens on the human experience from within, rather than outside, the natural environment."

Reception: July 16, 2023 from 2 - 4pm

Lorraine Roy - Kallpa warmi: Women's strength

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Elora, Ontario
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Elora Center for the Arts
75 Melville St. 
Elora ON N0B 1S0