Katazome- Japanese Paste Resist with Suzanne Connors


INSTRUCTOR: Suzanne Connors

Workshop Fee: $640 

Materials Fee: $40

The traditional Japanese art of katazome is ancient. Kata means stencil and zome is a form of the word someru which means to dye- hence katazome (stencil dyeing)

The basic process of stencil dyeing is not complicated. First a stencil is cut and placed on a piece of fabric. Next resist paste is applied through the stencil. The

Stencil is then removed, and the pasted fabric is allowed to dry in the sunlight. Fabric is then treated with sizing if going to be dyed with pigments. Fabric is then dyed or the coler pigments brushed on.

Finally, the fabrics soaked in water to remove the paste.

The steps of katazome must be followed in sequence, and timing is essential.


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Stuart, Florida
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Aya Fiber Studio
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