FIBERSTORMING, the project dedicated to contemporary fiber art promoted by ArteMorbida as part of the Salone Italia 25WTA World Textile Art,The exhibition, which enjoys the patronage of IILA - Istituto Italo Latino Americano, is part of the events of WTA, an international organization that celebrated its silver jubilee with the 10th International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art starting from October 2022 in many countries of the world, through national salons with various exhibitions and a major event at the MIFA Miami International Fine Arts.

At Bergamo Arte Fiera, Inferno-Paradiso creates a path across eight macro installations. The visitor will pass through spaces defined by independent works yet connected by an inherent narrative. Immersed in a hybrid-shaped Garden of Eden, the aesthetic pleasure might conceal the unsettling sensation of witnessing anti-natural manipulations. At the same time, a massive inferno of flames might offer divine elements. An enchanted or damned blue forest and a canticle of creatures to be observed from the bottom up can also be found in this uncanny journey of which one cannot give a single reading, instead hovering between opposing perceptions and interpretations. A playful interweaving that conceals a reflection on the etymology of words and their link with religion; the cracks of large rocks, vestiges of vanished solidity and future presences that twist the human notion of time, giving way to the hidden and obscure depths of the endless void. And again, the idiosyncrasies of contemporary human beings metamorphosed and revisited as monstrous beasts or in the form of a dress tattoo, a body indicating the impossibility the possibility of a being in a society. A journey from hell to heaven or vice versa, to be undertaken with the knowledge that you will definitely emerge transformed.

Curated by Barbara Pavan

DAMSS - Inferno 3000

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Bergamo, Italy
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Fiera di Bergamo
Via Lunga
Bergamo, Italy 24125