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Virtual Call
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Virtual Gallery of selected pieces available for viewing October 1!

Prisons can take many forms. We can be incarcerated and held against our will, or we can feel trapped in a more personal prison of our own bodies and minds. Oppressive regimes can limit our freedom to learn, to grow, and to be ourselves, while global crises or local unrest can create a new type of prison, causing us to feel stuck in a world that is broken.

Perhaps, some prisons can offer opportunities for growth by testing our grit and humanity, while others leave an indelible stain on our spirit. What happens when we escape them? What happens when we can’t?

Show us what being Imprisoned means to you.



  • Open to all SAQA members
  • No entry fee (up to 3 entries per artist)
  • No size or date restrictions

Because this is a virtual exhibition, it is critical that submitted images be of the best possible quality: in focus, with clear details, and following SAQA's digital image requirements. Please read Virtual Gallery Submission Guidelines for more details. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Common image errors include:

  • Images that are out of focus or too small, 
  • Cropping images too closely on the full-view image. All edges of the artwork must be visible along with a small amount of contrasting background.
  • Distracting elements in the image background - we don't want to see design walls, rugs, your studio, hanging clips, hands, pins, etc. 

Don't miss this! We have prepared a handy resource of Tips for Successful Art Quilt Photography.

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About the Curator

MiekeMieke Leenders is a Belgian writer, journalist, and social justice advocate currently residing in Costa Rica. In her fiction and poetry, she commonly explores the themes of mental health, artistic expression, identity, and outcasts. Mieke enjoys experimenting with form and style, and her work is often reflective in nature. She holds a master's degree in art history and has a background in art historical analysis, iconology, interdisciplinary research, and teaching.