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Virtual Gallery of selected pieces will be available for viewing on July 1!

The dictionary defines humor as “a comic, absurd, or incongruous quality causing amusement.” Humor can be a source of entertainment and also a means of coping with difficult situations and stressful events.

Humor can play an instrumental role in forming social bonds and releasing tension. Everyone has a sense of humor, and everyone’s sense of humor is unique. What situations do you find humorous? What makes you laugh?

Art...including art often seen as serious, but you know it may have a humorous side. Here is a chance to show your quilts that often don’t get appreciated and exhibited.

Humor us!


  • Open to all SAQA members
  • No entry fee (up to 3 entries per artist)
  • No size or date restrictions

Because this is a virtual exhibition, it is critical that submitted images be of the best possible quality: in focus, with clear details, and following SAQA's digital image requirements. The Volunteer Curators will jury the submissions based on the quality of the submitted image and illustration of the exhibition theme.

Please read Virtual Gallery Submission Guidelines for more details.

Common image errors include:

  • Images that are out of focus or too small, 
  • Cropping images too closely on the full-view image. All edges of the artwork must be visible along with a small amount of contrasting background.
  • Distracting elements in the image background - we don't want to see design walls, rugs, your studio, hanging clips, hands, pins, etc. 

Don't miss this! We have prepared a handy resource of Tips for Successful Art Quilt Photography.

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About the Curators

H BlumenNow retired from a career in medicine, Helen Blumen is a fiber artist and art collector living in the Washington, DC area. She describes her fiber art as eclectic, as it draws on her interests in photography, vintage textiles, and fabrics collected on her travels. She also makes functional quilts and wearable art. Her work has been exhibited regionally, as well as in a SAQA Virtual Gallery.

A Stanton HeadshotAndra Stanton makes two- and three-dimensional textile pieces incorporating surface design techniques that represent themes of emotional and physical healing. She stitches the surfaces of her pieces with patterns that suggest her history of disability. Each object represents moments of meditation on both the safety of solitude and the joy of connection to friends and nature. 

 She has come to believe pivotal experiences permanently alter a person’s path. Art is her attempt to show the balance between comfort and pain, beauty and distortion, and the endurance of the human spirit.