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Open to ALL SAQA members

The SAQA Florida Region presents a multi-disciplinary collaborative project to celebrate Florida’s waters as part of the 2022 SAQA Annual Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

PLEASE NOTE: The 2021 conference in  St. Petersburg has been postponed to April 2022. The original deadlines for this call still apply.

SAQA Florida invites SAQA members worldwide to create and DONATE 2-D or 3-D textile artworks of fish or other underwater creatures. These works may be in any configuration but no larger than 12” in length or width, and may be realistic or imaginary. All works submitted will be exhibited at the conference. Backgrounds are okay, but not required. Members are welcome to send more than one piece. Fresh water and salt water creatures are invited. Please share your completed fish on social media using #SAQAFreshFish!

Poets are invited to submit poetry related to Florida underwater life: fish, sea creatures, water and its movement or other related concepts. All poetic forms are allowed. The project is intended for short poems (approximately the length of a sonnet, or less). We welcome poetry that is lighthearted, contemplative, descriptive, satirical or intended for social/environmental commentary or expressing any other point of view.



Display at the conference: 

Textile works and a sampling of the poetry will be built into an installation to be exhibited at the 2022 conference. SAQA Florida will provide the materials and supplies needed to display the work. 

Commemorative Publication: A book depicting textile artwork and poetry will be created. The SAQA Florida Fresh Fish Committee will choose the best and most diverse selection of textile artwork and poetry to incorporate into this document. The printed book will be soft cover perfect bound, printed through Kindle Direct Publishing and available for sale through Amazon. All costs and royalties from this publication will belong to SAQA Florida.

There will be NO online entry for artwork. All fish entries must be received no later than October 31, 2020.

Please mail art entries to: Karol Kusmaul, 185 N Meadowlark Pt., Inverness, FL 34453.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Please note that all artwork received will be exhibited at the conference but because of space constraints, there is NOT a guarantee that all work will be in the commemorative book. All works published in the book will have artist credit – name, hometown, and website. Artwork will NOT be returned to the artist. We do have a plan for the artwork, but it is top secret until after the conference.

Sample Artwork (by Karol Kusmaul)