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For CUTE, please submit your best artwork and photography that includes or features any animal that makes you go, "Awwwww!" We want to see your cute, friendly, happy, Kawaii, cuddly, and/or inviting animal artwork and photography.

All entries must be the original artwork of the submitting artist.

We are looking for 2D and 3D artwork that falls into a variety of art styles and genres, such as: Abstraction, Surrealism, Realism, Pop Art, Expressionism, Assemblage, and more!

This call for art is open to all international artists age 18 or over and working in any medium (except video and sound art). A wide range of genres and styles is desired. Our mission is to promote wildlife and animal art in both non-traditional and traditional forms. We exist to honor, promote, and uplift it.

As always, art may include more than just animals and insects. Feel free to incorporate humans, objects, landscapes, shapes, space, or anything else. The work just needs to fit the theme, with animals as the main focus.

Be as literal or as creative with the theme as you like. Originality is one of the components we use to score entries.

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