CONSEQUENCES: Observations from the Warming North - Ree Nancarrow


Ree Nancarrow’s work draws on her deep love of nature, extensive knowledge of the natural world, and deep concern about climate change. A long-time Alaska resident, Nancarrow has watched climate change’s rapid advance in the northern climes. She expresses her concerns about the climate in her work, creating images and marks by silk-screening, deconstructed silk-screening, stenciling, stamping, painting, dying fabric, and photographing. She combines these images digitally and intuitively, often creating new color palettes to better express the mood. The surface of her work is elaborately quilted. Her vision and understanding of the natural world has been expanded by working collaboratively for more than a decade with scientists, musicians, and other artists.

Ree Nancarrow - Grisly on River Bar

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San Diego, California
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Visions Museum of Textile Art
2825 Dewey Rd., Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92106
United States