Alice Beasley Quilts: A 30 Year Retrospective


A display of 46 art works including Alice's political commentaries, her portrait narratives, and her still lifes.

"Fabric is my chosen medium of expression through which I create realistic portraits of people and objects. I find color, light, shadow, line and value in the pattern of ordinary household fabrics. From these I snip small pieces which I arrange and fuse into a figurative composition. As such the work grows from within rather than being applied to the surface of a canvas by paint, pencil or similar drawing tools. When the image is complete, I sew it together with the stitch line constituting the final “drawn” line." Alice Beasley

Alice Beasley - Home Street Home

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Santa Monica, California
Venue Info

California Heritage Museum
2612 Main St.
Santa Monica, CA
United States

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