Digital Imagery and Color Selection - Kestrel Michaud

SAQA Seminar (Video Conversation)

Kestrel Michaud is an award-winning, classically-trained fine artist and fabric illustrator living in sunny Florida. She holds a BFA from Ringling College of Art and Design where she majored in Illustration. Kestrel made appliqué fabric pictures for 13 years before discovering art quilts in 2017. Since then, Kestrel has adapted her process to turn her fabric pictures into quilts.  

Kestrel's unique ability to combine an innate sense of design with modern technology and a passion for fabric make her artworks truly one-of-a-kind.  View her portfolio and sign up for her newsletter at  or follow her on Instagram @kestrelmichaud.

Additional Resources

Color Swatches Walkthrough: A how-to guide Kestrel created to walk anyone through the process of making personalized color swatches.

Limited Edition Quilts: An in-depth description of what Limited Edition quilts are and why Kestrel makes them.

David M. Kessler's "Simple Color System" color wheel video - Contemporary painter David M. Kessler describes his new color wheel and how to use it.

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