Zara Zannettino

Juried Artist Member (JAM)


Artist Statement
My textile art practice focuses on the often overlooked or invisible natural wonders that I capture through the prism of either a macro or microscopic lens. By drawing from my own photographs or life experiences, my art is therefore an intersection of my former microbiology background, nature walks and the joy I gain by resolving the challenges of working with textiles and threads.

My art often identifies the intrinsic beauty, patterns, and subtle diversity found within seemingly identical natural forms. In doing so, I draw attention to a subject’s unique physical attributes. I feel that by appreciating these differences, it reinforces my belief that all of “life” has a unique and crucial place in the world too.

My textile collage process typically utilises improvisational cutting of bespoke, hand-dyed, or altered fabrics, that enables me to emphasise opportune patterns and colour values that reinforce my initial photo composition.