Virginia Spiegel

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

New Glarus, WI
United States

Artist Statement
My sister and I have made more than twenty-five wilderness canoe journeys in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. The BWCA, a million acres set aside from human development along the Minnesota/Canadian border, was named one of National Geographic Traveler’s “50 Places of a Lifetime” with good reason.

Images that frequently appear in my artwork such as boats and circles are iconic and archetypal symbols of voyaging, the process of discovery, and the timeless nature of memories. But these symbols are deeply personal to me after my journeys in the BWCA with my sister. All of the Boundary Waters artworks are attempts to remember and be in a water world that brings a sense of freedom and joy.

I create all the materials for textile artworks from white fabric by painting (with brushes, brayers, found and made marking tools) and screen printing. It is a very meditative process and integral to the type of artwork I create.

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