Paula Kovarik

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Memphis, TN
United States

Artist Statement
I make art with thread and fabric. Stitching is an extension of my thoughts through my hands. As I stitch I am sensitive to surprises, allowing the line and images to tell me more than I think I know. It’s about the inner coming out. It’s about defining rough-edged ideas through intimate attention to detail. It’s about layering, ripping, cutting, and sandwiching together ideas with the raw materials that surround me—producing a composition that reflects my values and my voice. Often my work is a reaction and interpretation of current events. Sharing this art brings me joy and solace in this complex and baffling world.

Part of my practice as an artist is to share the techniques I use through workshops. Actively discussing this art form with others brings a deeper insight into my own art. I teach, play, and dream in stitch. Life is good.