Lisa Jenni

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Redmond, WA
United States

Artist Statement
Creating art is an integral part of me.

I changed mediums, the focus keeps moving, I switched continents and needed to reinvent my social fabric – I still create art.
Once settled in the Pacific Northwest, my love for sewing rekindled, and the introduction to quilting progressed quickly into the fabric as my new art medium.

The use of textiles, stitched together with needle & thread, by machine or hand makes me happy. Fiber is a very adaptable medium that allows me to explore crossover applications with paint and other mark-making tools.

Growing up in Munich, Germany, I have been greatly influenced by the colors of the artist’s movement “Der Blaue Reiter”, and the aesthetics of Bauhaus. With a background in fine arts and cartography, my fiber art is inspired through the photographer’s eye by nature and the impact of current events. I love to travel and, -often while visiting family in Europe and Australia, explore new to me worlds.