Hélène Blanchet

Juried Artist Member (JAM)


Artist Statement
In my work, I try to represent the idea of a place. The landscapes, the sites, and the people I do are real. I interpret how I feel when I am there and reflect the mood I observe.

I am a story-seer. Everywhere I go I see stories. This informs how I read a place. In my search for answers, I begin to dream about the place. I immerse myself in its colours, textures, and mood. In its details. I feel a deep calm, grounded and strong. In my mind, I become part of the landscape.

I am moved by colour. It permeates everything I do. I work intuitively, drawing from what feels right at the time. I use it to express emotion and mood.

I am a needle-woman. I have always been drawn to handwork, old and new, from all parts of the world. I study it and am intrigued by how women throughout the ages have used these simple tools to express themselves and their cultures in such a myriad of ways. I am hugely influenced by these traditions and incorporate a variety in my own work.