Fisheries in Turmoil

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Fisheries in Turmoil
19 in
39 in
(48 cm x 99 cm)
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In a year of unprecedented challenges, nothing saddened me more than what we saw occur at St Mary's Bay in Nova Scotia in the Fall of 2020. Unresolved disputes within the lobster fisheries and the Mi'kmaq led to a mob attacking native fishers, burning boats, a van, a warehouse. Rocks thrown, menacing shouts, spoiled catches, lost gear; all signs of pervasive racism, violence, and intolerance that continue to exist, still, in 2021. This is a story of Nova Scotia and not only that of the M'ikmaq. We must never forget. Use of the Mi'kmaw flag was made with the approval of Sipekne'katik elder, Dorene Bernard.
Cotton, cotton batt, embroidery floss, wood frame acrylics
Quilted, appliquéd, embroidered, painted