Ann Brauer

Juried Artist Member (JAM)

Shelburne Falls, MA
United States

Artist Statement
For over forty years I have been supporting myself making art quilts that use color, fabric, and the traditions of quilt making to create abstract landscapes. My quilts are designed to give peace and hope to our life with the promise of dawn and the vast horizons where our imaginations can dream and float. Each quilt is unique and relies on many thin strips of carefully selected quilting fabric to tell a story, which can change with time and the viewer's experiences. I believe in careful workmanship to add to the image. I am constantly pushing myself to create new designs within the framework of my quilts.

I make the quilts by piecing and sewing many thin strips of cotton fabric going through the cotton batting, then I intensely quilt the work by machine to add more texture and substance. The binding is hand finished and of course, the work is signed. All work is done on my 1965 Singer Sewing Machine.