Let the Sun Shine In! (SAQA Regional)

A juried exhibition of 32 contemporary art quilts from the Virginia and North Carolina Region of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA).

Let the Sun Shine In! is a compilation of emotions surrounding the recovery many of us have felt during the global Covid19 crisis and resulting shutdown, now reopening in so many localities. Considering the difficulties so many of us have experienced, I’m drawn to the wisdom my mother often imparted: “In the darkest of times, the sun will still rise in the morning.” She taught us that there is always hope. This exhibition is the result of my wish to embody her wisdom so that many could benefit from it.

Let the Sun Shine In! has filled that call. Many of the participating artists used this exhibition to channel their own emotions as the seclusion they experienced was left behind. Others celebrated, as we all did, with the freedom gained when shutdowns were lifted. It is our hope that you, the viewer will identify artwork as it relates to your own experience; that you may find some solace from the art quilts displayed here and share in sentiments of each of the artists represented in this exhibition.



Exhibition Schedule

October 25 - December 23, 2022: Virginia Quilt Museum

February 23 - 26, 2023: Mancuso Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival

Additional venues will be added when confirmed