Wasted Words: War

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Wasted Words: War
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(13 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm)
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Flipping through the pages of World Book Encyclopedia's annual yearbooks is a journey into my childhood. Browsing through the articles brings back all sorts of concerns over international conflicts. In elementary school, I felt completely reassured that all wars would be addressed and solved before the year 2000....a popular date on all the pretty pie charts and graphs. At the time, the twenty-first century seemed to be in a very distant future when the planet would finally be at peace.

What happened?

I seemed to have blinked my eyes and am an adult in my early sixties! The world isn't necessarily better off. I wonder whether world leaders are heeding words or warning from the past or today’s protest voices calling for peaceful resolutions? Will these messages simply become the next volume of wasted words?
Old, neglected yarn, thread, World Book Yearbooks from 1962-75, buttons.
Machine corded yarn and zigzag stitched vessel construction. Contents: Layered and stitched ripped pages.