Turbulence: White Wood Aster (Eurybia divaricate)

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Turbulence: White Wood Aster (Eurybia divaricate)
33 in
41 in
(84 cm x 104 cm)
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The threatened White Wood Aster grows in the Carolinian wetland forests of Pelham, Niagara, Ontario, where it survives with cohabiting species. A symbiosis has formed between the aster and our backyard wind turbines.

However, a housing development has recently assumed a large portion of the 75-acre wetland. The activity of human and domestic animals exposes this threatened species to trampling, herbicides, and the invasion of non-native species. With the decrease in habitat, there is also insufficient moisture during the increasingly dry summers—all the basis for a call to action. The symbiotic relationship between aster and turbine formed a creative “storyline.” What if the propellers dispersed seeds far and wide?
Cotton, silk, pencil, oil pastel, digital photography
Machine stitched, hand appliquéd, needle felted, hand stitched, embroidered