Sinfonia Plus       

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Sinfonia Plus       
56 in
50 in
(142 cm x 127 cm)
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What do you see in the shapes and the negative spaces around them? Musical instruments? Grand pianos and violins? Profiles facing each other? A wild gameboard? Sinfonia Plus is a pattern of mysterious, curvaceous shapes surrounded by “marks.” Some pin them to the background, some flow around them, rushing them away. Plus signs and dots anchor the movements of the lines and shapes.

To increase the tension between flow and stability, a grid of lines has been quilted into the fabric with a syncopated, tartan-like pattern. Negative spaces are as relevant as the positive forms. Dark red framing contains the exaggerated activity.
Cotton, acrylic paint
Cut, appliquéd, machine pieced and quilted, hand painted, stamped