Rust Happens

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Rust Happens
43 in
59 in
(109 cm x 150 cm)
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Rusting is all about electrons on the move: a piece giving up electrons + a liquid that helps electrons move + a metal that readily accepts electrons. (Anode + electrolyte + cathode: Opposites attracting!) In this composition, those elements playfully interact. Metal, water, rust, and atomic elements abstracted as gears reveal that there's a lot going on. If I were a chemist I could describe it as 4Fe + 3O2 = 2Fe2O3. Being an artist allows more creative description, using visual opposites in juxtaposition to tell the story. Photographic images join monotypes and stencil prints. And color wheel opposites teal and rust-orange define shapes and patterns.
Muslin, sheer polyester, eco-felt, thread, acrylic paint, acrylic mediums
Transfer of original photos (gel medium transfer to muslin), contact rust printing, monotype, relief print, resist print, stencils, direct painting, machine stitching