Round Hole + Square Peg = Space to Grow

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Round Hole + Square Peg = Space to Grow
46 in
31 in
(117 cm x 79 cm)
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Some people strive to be a perfectly round peg gliding into a smooth round hole. To them it feels tight and secure. Others struggle to fit into a slot, easing and squeezing themselves into place. Lubrication can help, but they are almost always uncomfortable. Then there are those who accept that their corners do not conform. They rattle around, discovering that they have a little “wiggle room” which allows them the freedom and space to grow. The usual connotation of being a “square peg in a round hole” is a negative one. I think the opposite—I like the freedom derived from having the extra space to think in alternative ways and to be a little different.
Cotton, fiber reactive dye, wire, seed beads
Dyed, folded and pleated, free motion stitched, hand stitched