Pink Lemonade

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Pink Lemonade
8 in
24 in
21 in
(20 cm x 61 cm x 53 cm)
Photo Credit
Sibila Savage Photography
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Lemonade is featured in Regency novels and shows up at toddlers’ birthday parties. Spiked lemonade is trendy in the summer cocktail set. But no first-class circus is without pink lemonade. Whether it was Pete Conklin, who in 1857 desperately reused water that had rinsed pink tights, or Henry Allott who in 1912 accidentally spilled red cinnamon candies into his batch, pink lemonade is linked to the circus and frivolous celebration. As an art quilt, Pink Lemonade is nothing but light- hearted. Cut from machine-felted wool and paired with piecing, this work playfully harkens to beloved American culinary, cultural, and craft traditions.
Wool fleece, commercial fabric, acrylic armature
Custom dyed, machine felted, pieced, embroidery quilted