An Orange for Lunch

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An Orange for Lunch
12 in
18 in
(30 cm x 46 cm)
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I started quilting in 1973 after we purchased our first house, and I immediately started making art quilts for the wall in a style that would now be called "modern quilts", but I went back to work in the 1980's in the personal computer support field. After retiring in 1993, I went back to art quilts and experimented with different ways of creating digital quilts after attending a convention in 1994 for printing on fabric. This quilt, made in the 1990's was done using disperse dye transfers, and I used images I scanned on my scanner of actual objects, then created the design and added trapunto to make the objects stand out from the background. I folded my hand dyed fabric to make the bag. I used the same technique to do two other small art quilts of food still lifes including a banana with cereal, and the makings of a salad being cut up.
Disperse dyed polyester, hand-dyed cotton
Trapunto, printed, machine appliqu├ęd and quilted, fused