Monarch Menagerie

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Monarch Menagerie
24 in
24 in
(61 cm x 61 cm)
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Globally, the Monarch Butterfly is commonly known by many names, as it is found from the Americas to Oceania. These names include the Happy Wanderer, Milkweed or even the Tiger Butterfly. Monarchs are particularly prolific in my South Australian garden, since I nurture its critical larval host plant, the milky-sapped Swan Bush.

This textile art piece was initially designed from a photographic collection of Monarch Butterfly details that showcases the variety of hues and patterns found within this species. Just like snowflakes…no two are the same!
Hand-dyed, painted and purchased cotton fabrics. Unfused collage. Cotton, polyester and metallic threads. Cotton and wool/polyester battings. Free-motion embroidery and quilting. On stretched canvas.