Made to Measure

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Made to Measure
35 in
29 in
(89 cm x 74 cm)
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I am from a family of creative, self-sufficient women who have made a lot of their own clothes. When cleaning out my parents’ home, I rescued a box of old sewing patterns that were headed to the trash. This collection of fragile paper ephemera brought back fond memories and represented the fashion aspirations of three generations of women in my family. They were used by my grandmother, mother, and by me when I was learning to sew. With this piece, I was inspired to recognize and honor their creative spirit. It symbolizes times gone by, the frugal, hard-working women in my family, and their determination to create their own personal style.
Paper sewing patterns, eco felt made from recycled plastic bottles, matt gel medium, spray glue, Swedish tracing paper, cotton
Collaged, free-motion stitched, glued