In Loving Memory

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In Loving Memory
58 in
40 in
6 in
(147 cm x 102 cm x 15 cm)
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The simple act of lighting a candle speaks beyond words and within the gentle flame one finds warmth, light and comfort. For some the softness of candlelight delivers peace and tranquillity, offering a glimmer of hope in the darkness. For others the flame consoles grief and forms a visible connection with those who are no longer here.

Twisted cords unite us, whether as brothers and sisters, couples, families or communities. In grief we can feel we are alone, but when we look up we see others who are there for us; it is true that many strands are stronger than one.

This unison of cloth, thread and cord represents love and hope to those who are grieving or feel alone, especially during these challenging times.
Hand dyed cotton organdy, thread, cotton cord, ink
Hand stitched